Acquisition of Real Estate

Rick Aidekman has a long and proven track record in the acquisition, financing and operation of various types of real estate, predominately in New York City.   He was the key player in the acquisition of a portfolio of over 8,000 apartments in 167 buildings in New York delivering 15%-25% IRRs on an annual basis for extended periods of time.   Rick Aidekman can achieve these results for your capital.

Ground Up Development & Repositioning

Rick Aidekman, along with his partner, is currently  active in the development of Market Rate and Affordable Apartment Buildings, including Senior Housing and Assisted Living.     This includes current projects for ground up construction and the re-positioning of a hotel into an Assisted Living Facility.    Our partners include Family Funds, Institution and Pension Advisory Funds.   Our strength is in our long time relationships with Sellers, Key Brokers and Advisors that give us off market opportunities at values below market.

Cornelia Spas & Skin Care

Rick Aidekman and his wife Ellen Sackoff are the founders and owners of the internationally acclaimed Cornelia Day Resort Spa and Skin Care Products.     Cornelia launched on Fifth Avenue in 2005 and had incredible success in its four years prior to its sale in 2009 at the beginning of the great recession.   Cornelia now operates as Cornelia Spa at the Surrey in the Surrey Hotel on Madison Avenue.   The Cornelia Skin Care products are a respected line that is extremely efficacious.    Cornelia has been featured in Victoria Secret, Selfridges in London, QVC, Ritz Carlton Palm Beach and QVC, among others.

Cornelia Skin Care

Rick Aidekman and his partner and wife, Ellen Sackoff, have developed a complete line of highly efficacious luxury skin care products that have been spa tested on thousands of clients with great success.    All of Cornelia's skin care products are tested, both in licensed laboratories after which, they are tested by our talented aestheticians on our Cornelia clients to assure that they feel good on application, are pleasant to the senses of touch and smell and most importantly have quick and lasting results in treating all skin conditions from brown spots to wrinkles and all the other skin issues of which the public is concerned.

Real Estate Acquisition and Development.

Rick Aidekman is a recognized professional who can provide you with unique off market opportunities to invest and profit in New York City real estate opportunities.   Safe investments with high yields are created through specific targets in the multi-family and Assisted Living arenas. See some of the articles about Rick Aidekman's success on this site.

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