Rick Aidekman’s Reality Check on the World of Real Estate

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Rick Aidekman’s Reality Check-World of Real Estate explores his over 30 years in the acquisition of properties in NYC.   Rick Aidekman dealt with some of the most notorious and many of the most unique owners of property in New York City.  During Rick Aidekman’s over 30 years in Real Estate and Spas in New York City, Rick has come across some of the most unique and quirky individuals.   He claims the distinction of the only individual who closed deals with the aptly named “Dracula Landlord,:” the “Devil Landlord,” and the “Reptile Landlord.”    Each of these individuals earned there reputations for perceived affronts to their tenants and the public at large.   In this blog, I will deal with The Dracula Landlord, who was so named by his tenants because they felt he sucked the blood out of the apartment buildings they lived in.   He took the name as a compliment that he was so tough he would never die.    Either way, he was a magnet for the newspapers and the local prosecutors.    Some of his antics were amusing and some not so funny.    Two incidents that I recall to this day happened at our executing the contract to purchase six of his properties and the other at the closing of the sales.

Moments after both he and I executed the Purchase and Sale Contracts on the six properties, we and the attorneys went to the long table set up with an array of cold cuts.   All of us were starved from a long day of fighting over every sentence in the contract.    I noticed that Dracula was not eating with us.   I looked to the other side of the room and saw him with a stack of papers and scratching hard with a pen over the documents.   My attorney and I walked over to find out that he was scratching out the agreed upon prices in the executed contracts.   My attorney scolded him and said “what are you doing?”    He said I think I should get more for the buildings so I am raising the prices.   His own attorney took the contracts from Dracula, gave my attorney copies and left.

At the closing on the same properties, we had just finished closing, the title company was satisfied, funds were wire transferred and we all got ready to leave.   Dracula cornered the gentleman from the title company and started to grab the documents.   He stated that “I should have sold for more.”  Security was called and took him out.   The deal was closed, the buildings were ours.

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