Cornelia Day Resort/Spas and Cornelia Solutions Skin Care and Bath and Body Products

Cornelia is among the most recognized brands within the luxury spa and skin care arenas in the world.   Cornelia has followed its successful four years on Fifth Avenue, with Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel in NYC with its famed skin care products also in Eau Hotel Resort and Spa in Palm Beach, Florida

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RA Property Holdings

Rick Aidekman successfully built a portfolio of over 8,000 apartments in NYC with multi-million dollar investments from Prudential Real Estate Investors, Trust Company of the West, Oaktree Capital and many high net worth individuals.   These apartments were contained within 167 buildings in NYC and returned IRRs typically in the high teens to over 20%.

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Cornelia Solutions, LLC

Cornelia Solutions, LLC offers the finest quality of luxury skin care products.   Cornelia products are not only sold in retail directly to the consumer, but are also used professionally in such spas as Cornelia Spa at the Surrey and Eau Spa at the Eau Hotel Resort and Spa

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Rick Aidekman is the Owner of RA Property Holdings, LLC with over 30 years of experience in acquiring and operating multi-family apartment houses throughout New York City.

Rick Aidekman is also the Co-Owner of Cornelia Solutions, LLC the owner of the Cornelia Brand of Spas and Skin Care and Bath and Body Products.

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Opportunity to Grow with Rick

Rick Aidekman has been sourcing unique off market opportunities for investors in NYC and environs including development sites, hotels and multi-family